Alfred M. Washington, I’m the owner of Landlord Nation Inc. I started this company so that I could pursue my passion for real estate. The more I knew about real estate, the more I wanted to know. It is my goal to unite rental property professionals on a platform that allows us to manage our properties in a more proficient way and at the highest level.

I became a realtor in 2002 immediately after completing my electrician apprenticeship. As a realtor and a tradesman it gave me great joy to turn a run-down dilapidated property into the most beautiful house on the block. This provided great joy in my life.

As I continued with my education, I became a master electrician, I obtained my builder’s license, my home inspection certification, my lead inspection risk assessment license, asbestos license, and I even went to HVAC school and received my certification. Anything related to real estate I wanted to learn about it. These skills over the last 23 years have allowed me perform at my highest level. I have a strong desire to be the best and I use that desire to help my clients achieve their real estate dreams and goals.